Umpire blows call, cost Bees the game

Things were already taking a sour turn Thursday night following a five-run rally by Sacramento in the top of the eighth.

Luis Jimenez was patiently waiting to sprint home from third base, when Cory Aldridge drove the ball down the right-field line.

From the press box we could see chalk scatter when the ball came crashing down from the skies. It seemed like the rally was on, but the Umpire on HP thought he saw otherwise and called Aldridge’s hit a foul.

Following a chorus of Boos from the crowd, the inning ended but Salt Lake manager Keith Johnson used his power as a manager to give the ump a little something to remind him what his eyes missed.

Subsequently, Johnson was ejected as well as a player in the Bees bullpen.

Now I shouldn’t point the finger of judgement, reflecting that one of the umpires had broken a finger earlier in the game and now there are two officials running the game now.

But KJ was right in every way to dispute the call. If he hadn’t been ejected, the crowd might have still been booing.

Fact of the matter is, people make mistakes. Our friend the umpire made a mistake, and changed the game. Should make for an interesting showdown Friday night, where the Bees seek redemption and also the chance to split the series.

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